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The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but its inward significance ~ Aristotle


Jani is an award winning water media and graphite artist. Painting with the use of a lot of water somehow works for her and has become part of her emotive, painterly style she calls Impressionistic Realism.

'Although I am capable of doing photo-real work, I prefer creating works that lean towards a looser rendering of the real and leave a little to the viewer's imagination. Lots of layering is used to capture the complexity and create depth. A bit of mystery on how it was done is always fun.'

'Using drips, blooms and bright colors fits my adventurous personality. It's the chase of corralling the watercolors wildness that keeps me using this media, but at the same time allowing it to remain wild. Always challenging. Finishing works with pastels and/or India Ink incorporates my drawing skills and seems to complete certain pieces of art.'

Photography is also a media she finds to be a gratifying form of artistic expression. When she is behind a camera, her natural ability for composing a painting gets to work and composes a photograph into a piece of art.

'While out in search of new pieces of art, it can sometimes take up to an hour for me to get into my creative brain while photographing. It's a process of sluffing off stress and clearing the mind of to-do lists kind of experience. Time disappears. It is positively freeing. I know I've gotten there when my eyes start finding paintings created by nature. I even say out loud, 'ah, here we go'. The experience is much like a treasure hunt especially when finding abstract paintings created by nature.'

In her portraiture, she excels in capturing the personality of the person or animal.

'Every person and every animal have this beautiful presence of characteristics that show up in their faces, through their eyes and in how they carry themselves. No two are alike. It is quite fascinating really. Whether I am photographing or drawing/painting a portrait, a great deal of attention goes into capturing this unique character as well as their physical appearance.'

Read more about Jani's art journey here.

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